Realtime Case Studies
QASpace-CaseStudies eBook is about realtime challenges, stories, case studies, critical thinking, exploratory testing, test strategy, problem-solving, decision-making, how-to-test, automation, suggestions, and recommendations from top testing industry influencers.
The world is a superior spot on account of individuals who need to create and lead others. What makes it far superior are individuals who share the endowment of their chance to guide future pioneers. Much obliged to you to each and every influencers who endeavours to develop and help other people develop.
“Thanks to everyone on contributing to QASpace-CaseStudies. eBook
1. Joel Montvelisky
QA & Test Specialists with experience working with hundreds of companies worldwide defining and improving their testing processes, implementing QA & ALM management solutions, and improving their overall Quality Management Approach.
QA Manager in a number of companies, ranging from small Internet Start-Ups and all the way to Large Enterprise Corporations.
Co-Founder, Test Specialist & Architect of PractiTest - providing a Lightweight QA Management Solution for the Enterprise.
Co-Founder & Editor of Think Testing, the first Testing Magazine for QA Professionals in Israel
Specialties: Testing & QA Processes, Test Methodologies, Product Architecture, Testing Tools Solutions Deployment & Implementation.
2. Andreas Worm
Andreas has worked a long time in a small scrum team with ~6 developers, embodying many different roles and responsibilities along the way. He became a resilient jack-of-all-trades that is now freelancing as a backend developer and test automation engineer. With his attention to quality and agile techniques, he brings a lot to the table for every team and project.
also: gamer, musician, dad
3. Vernon Richards [testerfromleic]
Vernon Richards is a software tester with 10 years of experience testing products developed in various technologies/languages using Agile (Scrum) and Lean (Kanban), v-model & waterfall methodologies. Testing software and web products across a wide range of industries, whether as part of a co-located or distributed team, means I have a rich vein of first-hand knowledge to draw from.
My strong interpersonal skills allied with a keenness to learn to mean that I can fit into teams easily and start contributing quickly.
Specialties: I have tested products developed in languages including: .NET, C/C++, Java, XML, Flash, AJAX, HTML
I have hands-on experience of several applications including Test Director/Quality Centre, JIRA, Bugzilla, SQL Server, MS Visual Studio TFS, Mingle
4. Misma Silfver
Software testing professional with a passion for management information systems. Focus on bringing change in organizations, train, and create efficiency via better, higher quality software supporting your goals. Business process analysis both in the vendor and end-user side are my passions. Excited about working in and with SMEs where I can make and see 1st hand the difference in efficiency, quality, and profits we can bring in as a team!
5. John Schultz [Software tester, test team lead at uTest]
Seasoned software tester with 20+ years of experience making developers cringe when I call, email, or just give them that look.
• Managed teams of crowdsourced testers to test customers’ software, website, or app. • Triaged reported defects and provided feedback or requested information as needed. • Communicated with project managers and customers about testing goals and status.
6. Mike Duskis [Test Manager at CyberGRX]
Mike Duskis, built business and testing systems, managed, trained, led, followed, cheered and done whatever else was necessary to reach the goal. Whatever I've done, I have gone out of my way to learn how to do it better.
7. Max Saperstone
Max Saperstone has been working as a Software and Test Engineer for almost fifteen years. He is the Vice President of Testing Solutions at TestPros, where he works as a test strategist and architect. Max's focus is on Test Automation and Continuous Testing, with the goal of having organizations understand their application’s quality as rapidly as possible. He specializes in open-source tools, including Selenium, Postman, JMeter, Cucumber, and Chef. He has released several open-source testing frameworks in the past, and is currently working on a new one, FAST (Framework for Appium and Selenium Testing). Max can often be found speaking at meetups and conferences about testing, hanging around local brewpubs, or off lost in the woods enjoying nature.
Specialties: Automation Environment Simulation
8. Mike Ruttenberg
About Mike Ruttenberg:
Highly perceptive senior exploratory tester (15 years):
  • digital (10 years in digital marketing agencies)
  • direct/database marketing (10 years, 5 as a tester)
Data segmentation expert (8 years, including 4 years as a Data Steward [BA+PM+tester+DB developer+account manager])
  • Managed Dell EMEA's marketing DBs, segmentation, campaign extracts, cleansing and gap analysis supporting marketing activities across EMEA & APAC
  • Campaign extracts and executions for Dell and other clients
An exceptional eye for detail Test coaching and advocacy for whole-team testing.
and all other respected contributors 🙏.


  1. 1.
    Ministry Of Testing:
Ministry of Testing, also referred to as the MoT, is a global software testing community that was founded by Rosie Sherry, who was longlisted for a most influential woman in UK tech by Computer Weekly in 2017 and 2018, as well as listed in the Female Founders 101 list by BusinessCloud.
Join the Ministry of Testing community - a great place to learn all things testing, connect with others interested in software quality, and contribute to the community.
2. TechWell Hub:
The TechWell Hub is a free Slack workspace connecting agile, DevOps, testing, and security professionals to advance the global software community. Stay up to date on the latest trends in the software industry, ask questions or pose challenges you’re facing, and network with fellow community members and industry experts.
3. Testim Community:
Testim uses AI to help organizations quickly create their most resilient end-to-end tests.
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Vinayak Titti
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Believe in team work.
Don't fancy to the roles, believe in yourself.
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Community is the colloboration, learning curve and fun.
Extensive international experience having worked in the UK and Asia (Malaysia & India) in a wide variety of projects (BFSI), FinTech, CRM, CMS, WordPress, e-wallets, Auto-mobile & Real-Estate industry using manual, exploratory & automation tools.
QA|Test Automation Engineer[R&D]-Selenium|Cypress|WebdriverIO|Appium|OWASP ZAP|AWS|JMeter|API|UFT|TOSCA|Blogger, Writer, YouTuber & Explorer.

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